Calico Reaction (calico_reaction) wrote in f_and_sf,
Calico Reaction

Review: Oct/Nov 2006 Issue

So I decided against posting my reviews for each individual short story as individual posts, which means my friends list thanks me. :) Anyway, I just finished reading the Oct/Nov 2006 (57th Anniversary!!) Issue and have posted responses/reviews to each of the stories in my journal.

REVIEW: Oct/Nov 2006 Issue

Authors include:

Charles Coleman Finlay
Peter S. Beagle
Paolo Bacigalupi (favorite story of the bunch, I must say. I was amazed)
Geoff Ryman
Albert E. Cowdrey
Carol Emshwiller
Carrie Richardson

Feel free to take a look and discuss if you want! :) Happy reading!
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