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Calico Reaction

Best of 2006

So I had this RANDOM idea...if I could put together an anthology using only the stories that appeared in the 2006 issues of F & SF, which stories would I pick and why?'s my choices for this hypothetical anthology. The links take you to my initial thoughts on them.

Horse-Year Women
by Michaela Roessner (January)

Thirteen O'Clock
by David Gerrold (February)

The Capacity to Appear Mindless
by Mike Shultz (March)

The Revivalist
by Albert E. Cowdrey (March)

by Robert Reed (March)

The Moment of Joy Before
by Claudia O'Keefe (April)

Journey into the Kingdom
by M. Rickert (May)

Passing Through
by Charles Coleman Finlay (May)

Animal Magnestism
by Albert E. Cowdrey (June)

Terms of Engagement
by C.S. Friedman (June)

Kansas, She Says, Is the Name of the Star
by R. Garcia y Robertson (July)

Memory of a Thing that Never Was
by Jerry Seeger (July)

Just Do It
by Heather Lindsley (July)

Okanoggan Falls
by Carolyn Ives Gilman (August)

If You've Ever Been a Lady
by Michael Libling (September)

El Regalo
by Peter S. Beagle (October/November)

Pop Squad
by Paolo Bacigalupi (October/November)

by Daryl Gregory (December)

If you had to create a "Best of 2006" anthology for F & SF, what stories would you pick? No limit to the number, so don't be shy. :)
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